Give the World Beauty

What is beauty?  A dictionary meaning is “a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour or form that pleases the aesthetic senses”.  That’s rather broad right?

According to Pythagoras, beauty can be defined mathematically; the golden ratio for beauty is 1:1.618, a ratio that shows balance and symmetry.  Some examples of this ratio are:- the distance from the floor to the navel should be 1.1618 times the distance of the navel to the head; the width of the human mouth is 1.1618 that of the distance between the nostrils.  

This definition of beauty is not just present in aesthetics but also in architecture, music, painting, design and more.

Nowadays, the notion of physical beauty is very diverse.  Beauty is no longer defined by age, gender, colour, body shape or size.  Just take a look at the International Beauty Pageants.  The representative for each country is a beauty in her own right, and yet the beauties come across as unique in their gorgeousness.  

If there’s one thing that is common among beautiful women, it is that they make the effort to look beautiful.  Even though a woman may not put on an ounce of cosmetics, she would have spent time in grooming herself from head to toe.  

One can look at an old lady, her face lined with age; yet with hair neatly combed.  She is dressed appropriately and tidily for her age and walks with an upright posture acknowledging the world with sparkling eyes and a beautiful smile.  She will be regarded as a beauty.  In a number of Asian countries there is a beauty contest called the Jumbo Queen contest, open to women who are at least 80 kg in weight.  Take a look at the winners; they come across as fit and healthy, confident, and yes, beautiful.  Big is also beautiful.

Helena Rubinstein famously declared that “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”  Her statement is so profoundly true.  Effort in caring for ourselves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually shines through as beauty.

A wise woman once said to me, “Give the world something beautiful to look at.”  Yes, we all love to admire a thing of beauty, so let us contribute to making the world beautiful.  Take care of yourself; when we love ourselves, our beauty shines through. 



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