Ambassador Search 2014 Final and Result

We Empower Women To Be Who They Are - Confident, Charismatic and Competent

Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, 29 October, 2014

MAKE UP MALL Ambassador Search 2014 Top 20 finalists gathered at Make Up Mall in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, where five were selected to represent their cosmetics and skincare brands.    

Five Ambassadors 2014 with Ms Joey Tng, CEO/Creative Director of Make Up Mall
Five Ambassadors with Ms Joey Tng, CEO/Creative Director of Make Up Mall

The five Brand Ambassadors who won the judges over with their makeup skills and professional outlook are Natasha Iman, Josephine Teh Hwei Li, Shiu Kai Huey, Shamila Priyanthi Nair and Nadia Anuar.  Each of them won a RM2,000 worth of REVECEN and ORIKS products together with a one year agreement to appear at Make Up Mall’s future events and activities.  Their appearances will bring forth an awareness that women in business are looking beautiful and professional.

In Make Up Mall, with collaboration from REVECEN, a Korean makeup cosmetic brand and ORIKS, a Korean skincare brand, kick-started a promotion with fans on their popular Facebook page.  The Facebook campaign initiated an awareness for women of all ages to look professional for the career they want.  Throughout the six weeks promotion with road shows at a couple of universities, students were encouraged to participate.  With more visibility through Facebook advertisement, the search for women to represent a professional career image had received an overwhelming response.  

“As we share more makeup tips with professional women, especially when they are in the top management, they told us that they wish their staff could learn these easy and simple makeup techniques and dress appropriately for business,”  Joey Tng, CEO and Creative Director of Make Up Mall (M) Sdn Bhd shared her experience while she conducted makeup workshops with female bosses.  “With the kindness in their hearts, they really hope to see every woman looking their best with the right makeup and the right image when they come to work.”

With this as their vision, the consultants in Make Up Mall are doing their part to empower women to be who they are - confident, charismatic and competent.  To take it to another level, they came up with this idea of selecting five young women and impart these ideas so that they will become the spokespersons for the image the bosses will want.

Finalists applying makeup on their own.
Finalists applying makeup on their own while judges make their rounds.

The selection criteria for the five Ambassadors required the contestants to first apply makeup on their own.  The judges were not looking for skillfulness but for neatness and the right color combination.  That was the first round.  Continuing from that, the next session was to judge on their appearance, where everyone was asked to dress in their working attire, in jacket and palm shoes.  It was critical that they must dress appropriately to look professional and be able to present themselves well.  The ways they spoke and expressed their thoughts with a confident posture added huge advantage to win.

Finalist applying makeup on their own.

The five selected Ambassadors will represent the company to use the cosmetics from REVECEN and the skincare range from ORIKS to portray an outlook that are both appealing and also elevate the corporate image of women professionals.

Simple five-step makeup techniques are taught at workshops in Make Up Mall.  Now, everyone can create a stunning effect for the appropriate look every time for every occasion.

Finalists with judges and committee

Finalists with judges, staff and organizing committee



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