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Malaysian Makeup Artists Making Up Tales with
“Four Seasons of Fairy Tales” REVECEN Makeup Competition 2014

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 6 & 7 September, 2014

REVECEN Makeup Competition 2014 which was held in Tropicana City Mall showcased talented makeup artists who came from different states in Malaysia.  While many of them represented some top professional makeup academies, others are individual makeup artists who were there to demonstrate their accomplished skills.  

There were close to fifty makeup artists who participated in the competition organized by Make Up Mall (M) Sdn Bhd.  Being the host since 2006, the company in partnership with main presenter, REVECEN Professional Makeup, have the intention to provide a platform for budding Malaysian makeup artists to take the centre stage for their artistic expressions.  With this overwhelming participation, REVECEN Makeup Competition has become one of the most watched event in the industry.

This year, the Makeup Competition had taken a more imaginative outlook with a theme that demands creativity and an expressive flair.  Joey Tng, CEO/Creative Director of Make Up Mall (M) Sdn Bhd explained about the selection of the theme that reflects Four Seasons of Fairy Tales: “We are thinking out of the box as there are so many makeup concepts in the market nowadays.  We want our very own up-and-coming makeup artists to exhibit their exceptional talents by using their skills and go wild with their imaginations.”

Participants need to makeover their models with a character from a famous fairy tale where many have grown to recognize, and turn them into a work of art with the artist’s deftness and finesse in their makeup techniques.  Making it even more fascinating, they have to select the colors and the costume to depict one season out of the four.  The judges were looking for the vibrancy and uniqueness in each facial makeup design.

The Champion of this competition walked away with RM10,000 cash prize, a certificate, a trophy, REVECEN products worth RM4,000 and an opportunity to be featured in BACKSTAGE magazine demonstrating the revolutionary makeup techniques.  There were a total of RM27,000 cash prizes to be won.

The makeup industry has seen an influx of varied international brands lately.  As a result, many potential makeup artists in Malaysia are taking a more participative role in education, sharing and teaching makeup skills in many academies nationwide.  Received widely as a natural expression of beauty and confidence, Make Up Mall’s practical and simple makeup techniques are being introduced for corporate women to create the natural professional look.

REVECEN, a Korean cosmetic brand in Malaysia with its wide range of colors and innovative makeup products, has inspired many makeup professionals and academies to pioneer new makeup techniques for women of all ages since 2000.  REVECEN is available exclusively in Make Up Mall and can be purchased online at

About Make Up Mall

Make Up Mall is a one-stop beauty education and products store located in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.  In Make Up Mall, our vision is to empower women to be who they are - confident, charismatic and competent.  We will continue to instill the interest to learn makeup skills through REVECEN’s event publicity and educational workshops.  We believe that beauty can be expressed naturally - even with makeup!


定于在Tropicana City Mall 举行的2014 Revecen化妆大赛聚集了来自马来西亚各州具有才华的化妆师,当中有代表着顶级专业彩妆学院的,也有自己报名参赛的化妆师。

这场由Make Up Mall (M) Sdn Bhd举办的化妆大赛,有接近50名化妆师参加。自2006年以来,凭借与REVECEN专业化妆品的伙伴关系,一直很努力的为化妆师提供崭露头角的平台,希望化妆师们以此作为中心舞台,表现化妆师们的艺术与技能。有了这个巨大的参与,REVECEN化妆大赛已经成为业内最受瞩目的事件之一。

今年,化妆大赛采取了更具想象力的前景与一个主题,需要创造力和表现力的风格。Joey Tng(公司CEO)对选择“四季之童话”为主题的解说:“我们想到要让化妆师走出在现今彩妆市场那么多样化的化妆慨念里,让化妆师使用自己的技能,以展示他们的特殊创意力,狂野的使用他们的幻想,再次走进童真年代。“



近年来化妆行业,出现了各种国际品牌。因此发现了许多潜在马来西亚的化妆师,正在全国化妆学院扮演着更具参与性的角色,分享和教授化妆技巧。抱着美丽和自信的自然流露,Make Up Mall 为企业妇女带来实用和简单的化妆技巧,打造自然又专业的外观。


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