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Rainb Ragazzo is a creative artist.  By virtue of his innate talents, he has a special gift to create beauty and see elegance in all things and people.  These abilities have inspired him to be a self-taught makeup artist and a stylist without any formal training.

He is Artistic Director of Rainb Ragazzo Hair Salon & Makeup Academy in Penang.  With eight years experience as a hair stylist and a master trainer in beauty and hair styling, he has received many awards for his stunning showmanship.  His accolades include Winner of Asia Hair Competition and Winner of Laurel Hair Dresser Award.  He is also associated with Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation.

以Rain Ragazzo之名在时尚界闯出名堂,这位天才发妆造型师,拥有无师自通的高超发艺与彩妆天赋,是大马时尚界的前锋引领者。

身为Rainb Ragazzo Hair Salon & Makeup Academy 的发廊东主,他拥有8年美发经验,对彩妆与造型天生敏锐,是一位年轻而有睿智远见的时尚艺术家。曾获得Asia Hair Competition与Laurel Hair Dresser Award奖项,亦是Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation的活跃份子。

Candy Chi 林冰冰

Candy Chi, who is more well-known as Candy Ice amongst her fans, was one of the participants of “I want to be a model” - a Mandarin version TV reality show in 2007.  Ever since her appearance on TV, she crafted a successful career as a highly sought after  actor for several Chinese TV series, as program compere and expanded her experience in modeling.  Currently, she has even recorded a new album which will be available in September.  With her acting abilities, she has taken many significant roles in Chinese TV series - 《星空》、《情牵南苑》、 《聲空感應》 、《女頭家》《足印》、《黑色夕阳》、《变脸》、《诡雾山城》、《断掌》、《叶亚来》、《幸福料理》、《夺命游戏2》and《听风的歌》. Her acting roles in movies include 《初戀紅豆冰短片》、《摇滚单车梦》、《撞鬼》、《笑永春》以及《超级神仙石》.  Apart from acting, she has also appeared in many advertisements, being a model for Watson, 恭和堂龟苓膏, Maxis, Magnolia and Shape Tea.  Inheriting her Thai mother’s good looks and beautiful body shape, recently, she has been approached to be the spokesperson for a slimming and beauty centre.  She has also graced many local magazines as their cover girl.

在大马演艺圈以Candy Ice之名广为人知,2007年参加电视真人秀《我要做Model》入行,而后晋身演员行列。童星出身的她拥有过人的表演天赋,演艺事业因此平步青云,获邀担纲多部本地电视剧的重要角色,其中包括了星空(2007)、情牵南苑(2007)、声空感应(2008、2010)、女头家(2008)、初恋红豆冰短片(2009)、左邻右里(2009)、幸福I.N.G(2009)、有爱有梦有明天(2009)、亏雾山城(2010)、足印(2010)、断掌女人(2010)、正义的枪口(2010)、猪仔馆(2012),电影部分则有摇滚单车梦(2009)、笑咏春(2010)、撞鬼(2010)。

从小就登台表演的林冰冰,即将在9月发布首张个人EP,演而优则唱的她因此备受瞩目。因美貌与才华兼具,她深获本地广告商家的青睐,成为Watsons、恭和堂龟苓膏、Maxis、Magnolia和Shape Tea等广告模特儿,同时亦是各杂志常见的封面人物。

Chin Teo 张骁晶

In 1996, Chin Teo went to Hong Kong to study in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Acting.  She was awarded the academy’s Best Actor Award in 1998/99.

Ending her 7 years stage acting sting in Hong Kong, she returned to her home town in Penang in 2003.  When performing in Noise Performance House “Paradise”, she was awarded Best Actress in “The Fourth ADA Drama Award”.  

As the eldest daughter in the family, Chin decided to stop acting and joined her parent’s Hair & Beauty Company, Passion Trading. Starting her career with zero experience, she was appointed the Head of Human Resources in the company.

Driven by her desire to promote the local cultural art, she started Kerson Media publishing company. 《Foodsion》 was the first magazine to be launched with a prominent tagline - “Malaysian Leading Food. Travel. Lifestyle Magazine”.  It attracted the attention of food lovers nationwide. With its success, she started another magazine -《Backstage Professional》. Being the creative director, Chin revolutionizes the publication of fashion magazines which are traditionally founded only in Kuala Lumpur.  Creating both magazines that are informative and appealing from Penang, Chin wants to spread the tales of beautiful Malaysia to the world.


身为家中长女,张骁晶决定舍弃演艺生涯,转投家族美发与美容产品营商事业 – Passion Trading。由零从商经验开始,她获委任为公司人力资源主管。虽忙于家族事业,但多年来她仍不忘对艺术的热衷,于是在兴趣的怂恿下,她引领了科圣媒体推出大马No.1饮食时尚杂志 -《食尚》。创办5年以来,《食尚》杂志成功赢得了全国美食饕客的瞩目,晋身大马畅销杂志行列。

随着首本杂志的成功, 2011年她再发起另一本汇集了美发、美容和艺术表演的专业领域杂志 - 《Backstage Professional》。身为该杂志创意总监,张骁晶不仅颠覆了首都吉隆坡垄断杂志市场的惯例,还为杂志赢得了“2013亚洲美业最具影响力传媒金紫荆大奖”。

CT Chin

CT Chin began his career as Brand Designer/Art Director after he finished his education at University of London.  He worked in London for fourteen years and another three years in Hong Kong before returning to Malaysia.  Upon returning, he was quickly being offered creative responsibilities at brand advertising and promotions at international companies such as Lowe Lintas, BBDO, AMC and TBWA.  With his admirable capabilities, he co-founded The Star Academy in soft skills training under FB Group of Companies, planning and executing successful programs as Managing Director of the Group.  The programs have since expanded to form the NIKO Hair & Beauty, Vision Models Sdn Bhd and the PCI Consultancy.

Upholding a strong belief that the secret of personal evolution is to accept change in one’s attitude, CT designed and owned the rights to a revolutionary program modules based on the PRINCIPLE OF 5 SENSES which covers personal development topics that included etiquette and professional grooming.  As it progresses to garner a huge following, CT produced a TV talk show called “Golden Lifestyle” on Astro CH304 for a series of seven episodes on image grooming, fashion, hair and beauty.  His works led him to appear on TV talk show and he is regularly featured on many national dailies.

As a Branding Consultant and a trainer, CT believes that Malaysia has a lot to offer the world on image branding, professional and personal grooming, as well as the practice of good etiquette.

在伦敦大学毕业后,CT Chin开始了品牌设计与艺术总监事业。在伦敦工作了14年,香港3年,而后他回到大马,为一众国际品牌担任市场营销,其中包括了Lowe、Lintas、BBDO、AMC和TBWA。随后,他还为FB Group of Companies创办了The Star Academy,提供创意技术培训课程。身为该集团管理董事,他负责编排学院课程与活动,并借此成功拓展出NIKO Hair & Beauty、Vision Models Sdn Bhd和PCI Consultancy等公司品牌。

之后,CT着手制作一个与形象、时尚、美发和美容相关的谈话节目 – “Golden Lifestyle”,在Astro CH304播出了7集,让他的名气瞬间提升,成为全国各大媒体的焦注。身为品牌包装顾问,CT相信大马在形象改造、专业与个人美学护理上,已够格在世界平台上和各大时尚国媲美。

Berg Lee 李承运

Berg is a prolific actor and singer/composer with a hit list of movies and songs that propelled him to super stardom.  In 2014, he plays a role in the Hollywood action-thriller movie “Cyber” and another four appearances with local production house in the 2014 CNY movie 《茨厂街女王》, 《华Xiao英雄》, a TV reality show 《夺命游戏3》 and ntv7’s 2014 celebration theatrical release 《重案狙击》.  

In his evolutionary acting career, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 25th Torino Film Festival for his stupendous portrayal of a layabout youth in the local produced movie “The Elephant and The Sea”.  In 2010 and 2012, he was again nominated for Best Actor Awards at Asia TV Award and Golden TV Award respectively.

With his achievements and his influence in fashion and grooming, Berg is Creative Director of Backstage Magazine, helping many celebrities in the entertainment industry to develop their winning image.

大马艺人李承运,身兼演员、歌手、导演与造型设计师多重身份。2014年,他在好莱坞动作片“Cyber”中客串献演,更在4部本地电视剧中参与演出 - 《茨厂街女王》、《华Xiao英雄》、真人节目秀《夺命游戏3》和ntv7 2014台庆剧《重案狙击》。


除了活跃于荧幕前,他亦擅长影片剪辑、修图软体、造型设计等幕后制作,目前兼任《Backstage Professional》艺术总监,曾为多名本地艺人打造风格独特的封面造型。

Christina Foo

Christina Foo founded Makeup Puzzle in 2011 with a team of qualified professional makeup artists and hair stylists to offer fashionable yet practical makeup services for people from various industries.  Christina holds a Diploma from Whitney International Academy as a Professional Commercial Makeup Trainer.  Advancing from there, she pursued two Diplomas for film & TV makeup and body painting.  With her vast knowledge and experiences, she leads her team to offer their exceptional creative works at prestigious events and functions.  

Makeup Puzzle was the Official Makeup Artist for the Sultanates of Palembang’s Entourage to Malaysia 2013.  Some of their notable works were demonstrated with thunderous applause at Mrs Malaysia Globe 2012, UOB Annual Dinner 2011, International Women’s Day 2012 and many more.

With her team’s tireless contribution, they are woking towards a more professional approach to makeup services.  They believe in continuos learning to improve and provide a comprehensive service to their clients which will include nail art, beauty and fashion costume jewelries.

2011年创办Makeup Puzzle,汇聚了专业顶尖的彩妆师与发型师,为各界人士提供时尚彩妆造型服务。Christina持有Whitney International Academy专业彩妆导师文凭,同时亦在专业影视彩妆与身体彩绘拥有傲人成绩。在她的英明领导之下,其团队在各大活动绽放光彩,为客户提供截然不同的美丽新体验。

去年印尼巨港皇室到访马来西亚,Makeup Puzzle获荣任为官方指定化妆单位。另外,旗下彩妆师也曾为Mrs Malaysia Globe 2012、UOB Annual Dinner 2011、2012国际妇女节等活动挑起彩妆大梁。其团队在彩妆界展现的专业形象,让Makeup Puzzle在业界赢得了一致的好口碑。

Steven Sunny

Steven Sunny graduated from Australia in oil painting, but as fate would have it, his interest in makeup, fashion and event management eventually took centre stage.  In a decade, he has appeared as guest makeup stylist for international brands such as Shu Uemura, Anna Sui, RMK, M.A.C., YSL, CHANEL, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier, Lancome, Maybelline, Definite, Benefit, Office Cosmetics and L’Oreal Paris.

His work was also being recognized by Shu Uemura with the ‘Botan Brush Award’ in 2006/2007.  As a much sought after professional in the industry, he traveled widely taking up positions as image consultant for makeup & styling, as costume designer for international entertainment shows and as choreographer for fashion shows.  With his exemplary contribution, local and international models such as Amber Chia, Ling Tan, Carmen Soo, Ning Baizura and many artists like to work with him.  Even photographers and fashion editors/stylists such as Simon Chin, Steve Koh, Seow Jenhor, the JMen editor-in-chief and Mens Uno fashion editors have collaborated with him in many artistic works.

His attention to details and his ability to set a new trend whenever he creates a style, stevensunny is a visionary leader in the competitive grooming and fashion industry.

毕业自澳洲Academy of Arts,Stevesunny主修的是油画系,回国后他却决定停止美化画中人物,相反的要亲手把现实中的主角变得更漂亮,于是凭着对色彩调配的认知,他以无师自通的方式开始往彩妆界闯荡。

短短几年时间,他凭着得天独厚的天赋,在彩妆界闯出名堂来,更身任Shu Uemura、Anna sui、RMK、M.A.C.、YSL、CHANEL、Bobbi Brown、Clinique、Estee Lauder、Laura Mercier、Lancome、Maybelline、Definite、Benefit、Office Cosmetics和L’Oreal Paris等国际品牌的彩妆嘉宾。凭借精湛的彩妆技艺和时尚敏锐度,2006年他获国内媒体颁发“大马年度10大艺术家”奖项。

随后,Stevensunny曾为Amber Chia、LingTan、Carmen Soo、Ning Baizura等名模艺人做过彩妆造型,就连著名摄影师和杂志编辑如Simon Chin、Steve Koh、Seow Jenhor和JMen主编、Mens Uno时尚编辑都曾和他联手打造艺术之作。如今,他在大马素有“彩妆教父”的美誉,俨然成了彩妆界新一代的朝圣人物。

Joey Tng

Joey Tng is CEO and Creative Director of Make Up Mall.  Leading a team of creative makeup artists and management staff, she successfully introduced simple yet effective beauty applications and techniques for women in corporations.  Passionately, the team fulfills customers’ expectations with hands-on makeup skills and skincare know-how.

Joey joins REVECEN in 2011 when the premium cosmetics brand from Korea, now available in Make Up Mall, is building its prominence in the professional makeup circuit.  REVECEN Professional Makeup with its versatile colors has impacted the practices of professional academies and colleges.  As part of its marketing effort, she jointly coordinated the success of Mrs Malaysia Globe 2012/2013 and provided makeup workshop for International Yachting Models Pageant 2012 in Malaysia.  Getting active in creating brand awareness, REVECEN also sponsored several makeup services for celebrities such as Maria Cordero and Soler from Macau, also for local artists appearing on 8TV, TV2 and Astro.  

As someone who loves to help, Joey is the Team Leader for Youth Committee of Malaysia China Chamber of Commerce, where she leads the team to carry out charity and recreational works.  With her active involvement in charity works, there was once where she successfully helped a granny who was 72 to find a new home with her grand-daughter, aged 5, after her house was burned down in Melaka.  

With her vision to empower confidence in women,  Joey also participated in a program called “Empowering Woman Towards National Transformation 2012” which was supported by Ministry of Woman, Family & Community Development.  She arranged makeup artists for the fashion show and coordinated single mothers program, taught bridal makeup and helped the single mothers to be independent.  The Single Mothers Program was organized by MCWEA (Malaysia Chinese Woman Entrepreneurs Association).

To create a complete image package for each individual and corporate personnel, Joey took an image certification course with SWET, Malaysia’s highly sought-after Image Branding consulting company.  Using SWET Image System (SIS), she has assisted in training corporate clients at Maybank, Alliance Bank, MCIS Zurich Insurance, Berjaya Group and SP Setia.  As a member of AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) Malaysia Chapter, Joey is working towards educating women on beauty and professional image.

Make Up Mall执行董事与创意总监。2011年加入了韩国顶级彩妆品REVECEN行列,为该品牌构思营销模式。随后,她以REVECEN之名举办了Mrs Malaysia Globe 2012/2013,并提供化妆课程予International Yachting Model Pageant 2012,另外还为Maria Cordero、Soler和8TV、TV2与Astro艺人提供彩妆服务。

乐于助人的Joey活跃于慈善界,是Youth Committee of Malaysia China Chamber of Commerce的团队领导人。2012年,她参与了“Empowering Woman Towards National Transformation”活动,为时尚走秀安排彩妆师之余,也为许多单亲妈妈传授新娘彩妆技巧,让她们通过彩妆拥有独当一面的经济能力。

持有SWET形象改造专业文凭的她,亦不乏公司与企业界客户,诸如Maybank、Alliance Bank、MCIS Zurich Insurance、Berjaya Group和SP Setia等,Joey都会为旗下员工亲授形象改造方面的知识。身为AICI国际形象顾问协会的会员,她也常着手于职场女性穿着打扮的教育工作。



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